Naturfeuer wood pellets

In the summer of 2022, NATURFEUER AG built a pelleting plant for wood pellets on the company premises, thus creating an important basis for future activities.

The Naturfeuer wood pellets can be used in small combustion plants, industrial furnaces and power plants. To reduce packaging waste, the wood pellets are offered in reusable cloth bags that are subject to a deposit. When the empty bags are returned, the deposit is refunded to the customer. The Naturfeuer wood pellets can be purchased at our company location in Potsdam. Shipping is not planned for the time being.

Naturfeuer wood pellets*:

  • 20 kg wood pellets in fabric bags
  • no additives or binders
  • calorific value approx. 4.7 kWh/kg
  • diameter 6 mm
  • water content approx. 10 %
  • Bulk density 600 to 750 kg/m³

fabric bag á 20 kg

8,00 €

(equivalent to 400 €/ton)

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400 kg wood pellets
(20 pc. x 20 kg)

140,00 €

(equivalent to 350 €/ton)

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All prices plus deposit and statutory VAT.
* These are natural wood pellets that are not ENplus A1 quality.

Wood pellet production

Our pelleting plant runs fully automatically with a capacity of approx. 2 tonnes of wood pellets per day. This corresponds to an annual capacity of approx. 500 tonnes. For this purpose, 6 m³ of raw material are processed per day.

The raw material used for production is wood from the regional tree care. The cuttings, which are produced anyway, can thus find an ecologically and energetically sensible use. In addition, these natural wood pellets offer a heating alternative to oil and gas – in view of their finiteness and the current scarcity situation, this variant is an attractive solution.

In the production of the Naturfeuer wood pellets, care was taken to use as little energy as possible. The electricity requirement is largely covered by a PV system on the roof. The raw material is dried using the waste heat from a biomass boiler. This makes pellet production in Potsdam particularly ecological and climate-friendly and will thus distinguish it from many other producers who still rely on fossil fuels.

The plant operates with a dedusting system, which reduces the dust content, enabling pelletisation without binders or adhesives and additionally improving the burning behaviour.

Initial analysis results of the production batch have shown that the Naturfeuer wood pellets – in terms of calorific value and moisture – meet the required quality standard for wood pellets. The ash content varies depending on the bark or leaf content of the raw material and must be taken into account accordingly during combustion via the parameterisation of the biomass boiler.

Biomass boilers that can handle fluctuating pellet qualities are particularly suitable for burning natural fuel wood pellets. The BIOCOM/POWERCORN as well as the industrial plant PRO from GUNTAMATIC are, for example, specialised in the slag-free combustion of free-flowing vegetable fuels (e.g. wood pellets) of different qualities thanks to the industrial staircase grate technology.

With the pelletising plant, NATURFEUER AG is strengthening its commitment in the field of renewable biogenic energy sources and thus making an important contribution to security of supply in Germany, even in difficult times.

The pelletising plant produces the equivalent of approx. 250,000 litres of heating oil per year, which corresponds to a saving of approx. 730 tonnes of CO2.